Sunday, September 12, 2010

baby b "t" is 1!

This past year has been busy.  A lot of it was truly a blur.  This birthday brings out many mixed feelings.  The fact that the children are one year older and more self-sufficient is good.  Nursing and caring for an infant is a full time job to begin with, not to mention doing it while taking care of 1 year old twins.  Never, was one moment wished away; but, there were overwhelming moments.  But now, there is no longer a baby in the house.  There are 3 toddlers.  No one to cradle or nurse, no one to be swaddled and rocked to sleep, no adorable cooing noises.  Our babies are, well, not technically babies anymore.  They are playful, energetic, little people.  They surprise me everyday.  Bliss can not fully describe how absolutely amazing our home is right now with our 3 darlings.  But it went fast- way too fast.  Why do babies have to grow so quickly?  A woman stopped me right after I became a mother of 3 and raved at how I did it.  She said that when her children were little someone shared a sentiment with her that she never forgot-- "The days & nights are long but the years are very fast."  This is exactly how I feel about the last year.  

So, as we celebrate our little man turing one, we are celebrating our whole family.  Celebrating my husband and I making it through the year, completely out-numbered.  Celebrating our girls learning patience, sharing, taking turns, and independence.  Things that other children may not have to learn until pre-school.  And celebrating our precious little miracle boy.  He has been the sweetest, easiest, happiest baby, ever.  God surely sent us the right one!

Happy Birthday Baby!
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