Friday, October 22, 2010

Miss K & Miss E's Nursery

Today, Kelly's Korner is doing "Show us your life- Nurseries & Kids Room".  Although my baby girls are are 2 and now out of their cribs, I still love the way their nursery looked.  And since I have 2 terrible twos, there room right now is pretty bare, for fear that they will get into everything instead of napping or sleeping for the night.  So, here is what their room looked like when they were babies!

When planning this room, I knew that I wanted something very soft and tranquil.  It really puzzles me that people put loud, bright colors on the walls in bedrooms, especially in a child's room.  Not mention all of the toys, televisions and other distractions filling a lot of children's bedrooms.  How do those children ever go to sleep?  My philosophy for a bedroom is relaxing, calm and dreamy!  The soft pinks and creams give this room the dreaminess, while the black and creme toile and hint of lime in the bedding give it depth.  My absolute favorite, is the beautiful crystal chandelier from the girls' AJ (Aunt Jennifer).  That is what gives this room pizazz and glamour. 


  1. She has such a pretty room! I love it!

  2. Beautiful nursery! I need a girl next, ha ha!


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