Thursday, April 14, 2011

What do you eat?

I am a total health food nut and vegetarian.  My husband is, well, not.  Over our 7 years of marriage, he has succumb to this way of life. (Probably because I do ALL of the shopping, meal planning & cooking!) I have done enough research to support my position, so he now understands all of the health benefits and is at least vegetarian at home.

Now that we have toddlers who need to be fed, he no longer believes in my vegetarian ways.  The funny thing is, before we got married we discussed, I thought, every detail of how we wanted to raise our children- religion, parenting styles, schooling, discipline.  Mind you, a lot of that has been tweaked as soon as those little bundle of joys arrived home; but, the core values are still there.  Honestly, how we would feed our children never entered my mind as a discussion point.  But it has been quite a point of contention between us.

We have done a great deal of compromising over the past 2 years.  The kids are also vegetarian at home but do have chicken nuggets and french fries every once in awhile.  I ate meat growing up,  so I am being flexible, and I am okay with that.  But health is still the name of the game in our kitchen!

Since I am so passionate about the health benefits of certain foods (and the negative benefits of certain food), and since so many people ask me what we eat, part of this blog will give health tips, recipes, and little known facts about food & diet.  Hopefully you will enjoy this as much as I do!  So, here is my first tip!

Health Tip -  Many people are familiar with the heart benefits of eating olive oil.  But what many people DON'T know- is that olive oil is best served as a dressing or light drizzle over food.  When cooking with olive oil, only use low-medium heat (light sauteing).  If heated on high setting, it actually becomes a carcinogen.  So, when cooking at high temperatures, choose sunflower, safflower,  sesame, or avocado oil.   
Read more about how to use oils:
Kitchen Oil Uses


  1. Wow, interesting -- I never knew?! I buy evoo and think I'm doing well.

    Full disclosure - I'm not a vegetarian by any means whatsoever ;)

  2. Hi Chassity! Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE your blog! Yes, evoo is very healthy, when used properly. Most people think you can use it anytime you need oil, but really it's best for dressings and light sauteing. Please stop by again for more tips, every week! Thanks!


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