Friday, May 20, 2011

Girls' Bedroom

My little girls are getting bigger.  I know this is inevitable, but it doesn't mean I like it. They have been in big beds for 1 year now.  In that year, our focus has been keeping them in their beds, not decorating their beds!  Now, that they love their beds, I am ready to make them love their room.  Their nursery was classic-Soft pink walls, black and white toile bedding and creamy white furniture. (See it Here) I used the toile bedding as inspiration for a French theme.  Over their beds were painted " Bonne Nuit K" and  "Doux Reves E". (Good Night K & Sweet Dreams E).  We invested in furniture that would grow with them, so those pieces are staying.  Everything else is up for change.
Here are some inspirations:
Girls Room traditional bedroom
This room is so sweet and serene. I love the dollhouse in the corner and the all white bedding.

{photo from decorpad}
This room would be keeping the French theme from their nursery. I love the soft slip-covered headboard.

{photo from decorpad}
This traditional room is so dreamy. I love the soft lilac and butter yellow.  The built ins and window treatments are just gorgeous.
{photo from decorpad}
I love the creamy walls and furniture that let the pink window panels and pillows really pop.  This would also be very easy to grow with my little ones. 

My philosophy for the bedroom is to keep it serene, relaxing and perfect for sleeping. Light, airy fabrics and calming colors work to create a place to unwind. Especially for children's bedrooms, I stay away from stimulating colors and loud activating toys.  Only books, soft toys and calming items will make the cut! 

So which is your favorite?  Please leave me a comment and let me know! 


  1. love #2. pink toile, polka dots and monograms. too cute!

  2. Thanks for giving us a sneak peek to your bedroom ideas, Bridget! The nursery room photos you posted are all awesome! Those are perfectly made for little girls. But the first photo is the best for me. Its windows are not too low, so it’s would safe for the walking babies.

    Marla Hinds


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