Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where were you?

I always remember my parents and grandparents asking this phrase, "Where were you", when discussing such monumental events as Pearl Harbor and the assassination of JFK.  Pearl Harbor occurred on my Grandmother's 13th birthday. She told us how everyone huddled around the radio to listen to the announcements.  The excitement of her birthday, quickly turned somber.  The realization that all of their brothers and male friends would have to leave them to serve their country fell upon them.  

Similarly, my father told stories of JFK's death; the loss of America's beloved President in an instant.  JFK's funeral and burial occurred on my father's 13th birthday. Again, a day that was to be celebrated, turned somber.  In both events, the country was stunned, saddened and changed forever.  

911 is my generation's "Where were you" moment.  I remember it vividly today and I know that I will instantly have that vivid memory, when my children and grandchildren ask me. I was sitting at my computer at work, when some colleagues returned from a meeting with news that one of the twin towers was hit.  Confused and wanting more information, the small company turned on the tv in the conference room. In a matter of minutes, confusion turned to terror, as I and the others in the room watched as the second tower was struck. Gray smoke and red fires blowing in the clear blue sky, as we watched in horror.  Soon, word of other flights, including one over our city preempted work.  We were all told to go home.  I have never watched as much news as I did that day.  I was glued to the tv day and night, and to every bit of information reported.  I cried with so many other Americans and for so many other Americans.  Our country, once again was profoundly changed.  

Since that day, we have trusted our elected leaders to find justice for all the lost lives. We believed, that the unexplainable evil would be found.  
Well, our amazing President, elected leaders, and dedicated armed forces have not let us down.  Pure evil left this Earth on May 1, 2011. I only hope that this will bring some comfort to all of those still aching for their lost loved one.  

To ALL of our military and their family- THANK YOU!  
THANK YOU for all of the time, sacrifice and dedication that you have given to ALL Americans, for our freedom.  You have done well! 
Despite your political views, we should ALL be proud to be American today.  


  1. Beautifully written, Bridget.

  2. Wow...I totally remember that day too and how we were all in the conference room watch everything unfold. your right it is a day that will stay with me forever.


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