Monday, May 9, 2011

Meatless Monday

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend and your Mother's Day! Well, it's Monday again, so what do I have up my sleeve today?

The most common question I get asked about being vegetarian is "How do you get enough protein?"  It is quite funny to me that people automatically question my eating habits, which are usually, WAY healthier than the person asking. Sometimes, I feel like being cheeky and responding "How do you get your fiber, Vitamin B, C, etc.?"  But of course, I am a lady of etiquette, so I would never be so intrusive! The reality is, most American get WAY more protein than needed. Why?  Because our country's biggest farms produce- Meat & Dairy.  So of course they would like us to eat a lot more protein. But what most people really are lacking is one of the most important nutrients--Fiber! And where can you absolutely NOT get fiber from? Meat and Dairy!  

Dietary Fiber is ONLY found in plant-based foods. 

Here is why fiber is SO important: 
{1} Fiber lowers the risk of developing many diseases and conditions that can put your life in danger - heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, and certain cancers.
{2} Fiber can help lower cholesterol by absorbing fat and cholesterol from food. 
{3} Not only does fiber prevent fat absorption, it also helps you feel fuller longer. Filling up on high-fiber foods means you'll have less room for high-fat and highly caloric low-fiber foods. 
{4} Some researchers have calculated that if Americans doubled their intake of fiber, they could cut 100 calories from their daily diet - which could shave off 10 pounds of yearly weight gain.
{5} Fiber helps with intestinal health and regularity.

So, for today's Meatless Monday-- EAT MORE FIBER!  And I mean natural fiber (No fiber supplements!)- EAT fruits, vegetables, whole-grains (whole wheat breads  & pastas, brown rice, bran, oats), beans, seeds and nuts. Added Bonus- most of these will also give you protein! (FYI! :))


  1. LOVE, this Bridget! I am reading it as I eat my whole wheat flakes cereal with skim milk for breakfast with 8 grams of fiber:) This is my favorite topic to talk to people about as a dietitian!! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Love, Lesley Gerbitz

  2. I could do without meat any and every day. I LOVE beans, black beans are my fave. My friends joke that all I eat is beans. I agree with you that we don't get enough fiber. Anyhoo, my lunch today is grilled tilapia, asparagus and mushrooms. Yum!
    Cheers to a great week!

  3. Thanks Lesley! So glad that you like it! I think I missed a calling with studying dietetics! Glad I have the back-up of an expert!

  4. Carrie, I eat beans literally everyday. LOVE black and chick peas. Your lunch sounds delicious!

  5. I just wanted to let you know we have adopted the Meatless Monday idea and so far it’s going really well. Keep up the recipes…I just love it.


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